White kitchen: ideas, tips and examples. Part 2

White kitchen: ideas, tips and examples.
White kitchen: ideas, tips and examples. Part 2

White + dark. Contrast

Black and white kitchens are a classic that is popular outside of time, changing only the materials, approaches to the decor and design styles. Such contrasting combination would look good in the minimalist kitchen or in kitchen with art deco design elements. Contrast can be not only black, but also with any other dark shade: dark gray,  dark blue. By contrast combinations can add another color. For black and white, for example, is ideal for yellow or red.


Kitchen design 2018

Kitchen design

The kitchen space organization requires new furniture solutions. This, first of all, concerns the sizes of kitchens, kitchen accessories and the number of options for the location of modular kitchen elements. Manufacturers of furniture for kitchens react to world trends in interior design, offering the market modern furniture solutions.

White kitchen and wood

white kitchen

Wood makes the interior design functional, pleasant and welcoming.  The white kitchen and wood is the meeting point of elegant design and cozy décor. Explore these perfectly balanced spaces and find lots of ideas for yours! The white kitchen and wood are among the most preferred variations by the owners and this is absolutely understandable.

How to decorate white kitchen using colorful accents

white kitchen with colorful accents

The white kitchen is at the top of the sales. It explodes with purity and enchants us with its immaculate character. Pure and bright, the white breathes an irresistible sobriety allowing us all the extravagances.  The white kitchen has a special appeal dazzling.