What are the wallpaper can be glued to the bathroom walls?

What are the wallpaper can be glued to the bathroom walls?

Of course, the best tiles for the walls in the bathroom of the material is not. But many people prefer to hang wallpaper in the bathroom.

So what are the wallpaper can be glued to the bathroom walls? You can glue washable wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper, screen printing wallpaper.
Choose a wallpaper with the picture on the label.

This logo means that the wallpaper can be washed. Suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Hang wallpaper in the bathroom must be on a special adhesive (for super cleaning and vinyl wallpaper). This glue is easily withstand high humidity in the room. J

Traditional paper wallpaper is not suitable for the bathroom. At the first increase in humidity wallpaper swell and begin to lag behind the wall. And the fabric wallpaper is not suitable for the bathroom. They also do not tolerate differences of humidity in the room.

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