Top 9: An unusual use of ordinary wallpaper

Top 9: An unusual use of ordinary wallpaper

The pieces of wallpaper with different patterns, different shades and textures remain after the repair – and throw a pity, and leave the impossible. We offer nine unusual ways how you can use the remains of the wallpaper in the home decor.

Wallpaper frame
This simple technique can be applied to a photo frame or a mirror frame, as in the photo below. Cut out the desired piece of wallpaper rolls to form the frame. Glue the paper to the frame.

Smart Art
The basis, take the canvas, cover it with wallpaper. You can use the stencil and the paints. The final touches will be a wooden shelf and a vase with flowers.

Simple picture
If you want to diversify the blank wall, hang the paintings. They act as a bright accent. Make it very easy – just have 3 frames, a wallpaper with large floral print and glue.

Bright idea
So you can update the lampshade with wallpaper.

Suspended accents
From the remnants of wallpaper can make such  pictures. So you can add new color to the interior. Attach the wallpaper to the wooden slats  and hang  on a nail.

3-D effect
The cubes  can be voluminous shelves.

Serving trays
If you enjoy breakfast in bed, make this ritual all the more interesting by using this simple method. Glue the wallpaper on the serving tray.

Mix patterns
Use of different wallpaper to create this remarkable collection. The wallpaper can be in the framework of different shapes, painted in one color.

Do not throw away the remnants of wallpaper. Pick up the pieces with different patterns of one tone and glue to the wall to create the effect of patched  wall.

Wallpaper trends: a meeting of refinement and sobriety

Wallpaper trends

Trends are changing. Without wasting time, we are already looking for new inspiring ideas that embody the current trends in interior design. If you are part of the followers of the latest trends, if you’re wondering how to apply them in your interior design, our selection of wallpaper ideas promises to give you the most relevant response.

Modern living room design ideas: decorative wallpapers

decorative wallpapers

The decorative wallpapers in the living room can completely change the look of the room. You can easily refresh your living room with the modern design wallpapers using the following ideas. The tapestry is a perfect solution for those who want to hide any irregularities in the wall surface.

Bathroom mural wallpaper: beautiful designs by Wall & Deco

Bathroom mural wallpaper

If you believe that the wallpapers are not appropriate to adorn the bathroom walls, it would be better to take a look at our photo gallery below. We selected beautiful designs that will convince you that the bathroom wallpaper is ideal as contemporary wall decor. The modern wallpaper for bathroom is moisture resistant. Its use is not a problem.