Top 10: Wall Organizer

Top 10: Wall Organizer

There are so many useful things in small rooms, which have nowhere to put it. But these things can be hung on the wall …! Using the wall organizers (shelves, cabinets), you not only save space in the room, but also save time searching for.

1. Wall cups. These cups can be purchased  to the hardware store. Try to combine the cups of different shapes and colors Рso it will be even more interesting.

2. Recipe organizer in the kitchen.

3. Wall plaques for office

4. Shopping for the Office

5. Hanging storage shelves

6. Ladder wall shelf for needlework

7. Kitchen organizers

8. Wall organizer on a desk

9. Wall organizer for the workplace

10. Toy organizer.

Corner cabinets for the best use of even the smallest corners

Corner cabinets

We must admit that the corner cabinet is a good way to optimize the use of home space.¬† The corner cabinets in the dining room are used as a sideboard or buffet. They’re used to better organize his clothes in the room. While in the kitchen, we took the opportunity to store food which does not need refrigeration.

Kitchen renovation ideas in small Budget

Kitchen renovation ideas

There are several possibilities to give the kitchen a new look without spending too much. The following kitchen renovation ideas will give you practical advice that you can use, and in this way you will save money. A fresh paint coat on the walls and ceiling can radically change the look of the old kitchen at reasonable prices.

Wooden washbasin cabinets: irresistible design ideas

Wooden washbasin cabinets

The advantages of a wooden bathroom furniture are endless! Such furniture is a trendy design today. Also It has a high quality, unparalleled functionality and timeless elegance. We present today a rich collection of wooden washbasin cabinets. Take a look and see the difference between design furniture  and ordinary furniture.