Top 10: Use of the kitchen space effectively

Top 10: Use of the kitchen space effectively

The kitchen is always a lot of jars, boxes, bags, etc. And there is never enough space. Always need another shelf, another hook, another locker. Let’s try to use the kitchen space effectively.

 Plastic bags
Packets are always in the kitchen so much. That packets are not occupied by shelves, we propose to fold them in a nice bag that fits fits your kitchen decor.

Kitchen hanger
Such a kitchen hanger with hooks will hang up for  those kitchen appliances that you do not know where to put. Choose only kitchen hanger thicker, so you can hang a whisk and a frying pan.

Hanging baskets
Food baskets for bicycles and fishing gear is perfect for the kitchen! Attached a hook on the back and hang the baskets on the wall. You can store the kitchen utensils, vegetables and fruits in them.

Transparent containers
Transparent containers are good to all. First, you can always see how much you have left the ingredients without opening the lid. Second, they help protect products from moisture and pests. Third, these containers are so beautiful that it is not necessary to hide them – they can stand on the shelves and be part of your kitchen decor.

Pull out shelves
Make wooden boxes of different sizes and place them on the bottom of the open shelves. You will be easier to find things on the shelf.

Separators for cutting boards
Storing of the cutting boards in this manner will help free up more space on the shelf. Make the separators (2 per row) and glue them to the top and bottom shelf.

 Wine cabinet
With the help of two crossed planks, you can do a little wine cabinet in his usual drawer.

Kitchen shelves
Increase the space in a kitchen cabinet, using a tray as a dividing shelf.

Under sink organizer
Kitchen towels and gloves must be dried after use. Often they hang over the sink –  in plain view. We suggest that for these purposes to use the door under the sink. Attached a few hooks on the inside of the door and hung  the gloves and towels. You will be able to hide them and make your kitchen more beautiful and cleaner.

Dish towels
Hang the dish towel on the oven. You decides to several problems. It is there when you need something urgently to pull out of the oven, it does not slip and not falls.

Home Decor: storage ideas

storage ideas

The storage items are not just containers for storage, but also fashionable interior design accents and a fetish for women. Multi-colored cardboard boxes or wood boxes, decorated with bright prints, are practical and beautiful. They will streamline jewelry, old photos, buttons and toy.

We organize Creative Corner

Arts, Crafts and Sewing

Even if you are used to working among creative disorder, agree that the need to always find the materials slows down the process. Start by organizing your workspace. If you are lucky and you have a free corner of the room, make it the most functional.

How to store recipes? Recipe organizers

Recipe organizers

Each of us has ever thought about how to make your cookbook  and keep it updated with new ideas and advice. Most of us have even recorded in a “book” the first 10 recipes.  But, rewrite every recipe in the book is pretty boring, time consuming (each has its own reason).