Top 10: modern beds

Top 10: modern beds

Most people thinks  that bed is of a rectangular shape out of wood or particle board on legs. But the designers have really crazy Association. See and be surprised.

 Personal space. This is not just a bed – this is your micro-cosmos. This effect is achieved due to the spherical circles that hold the bed.

 Bed-molecule. Made of 120 soft balls, from which you can create different shapes, what your imagination can provide.

 Ceiling-bed.  Ideal for very small apartment, the bed comes down from the ceiling, as elevator, when you click on the panel. Also, she is hiding.

Bed- wardrobe. When folded, it serves as a wardrobe. In the unfolded – a bed + a few wall shelves.

High-tech beds. In addition to the space design, this bed has a built in projector, computer, sound system and DVD player.

Sofa bed. This miracle of design idea was born as an answer to the eternal question, “What do you buy – a sofa or a bed?” Flick of the wrist you can turn a round bed in 2  the spacious and beautiful.

Transformer. In appearance unremarkable sofa can be transformed into a two story bed. Children will be delighted.

 Bed for future programmer. This bed is quite successfully sold. It is ideal for the student. This bed combines the functions of computer desk and bed.

The plasma in the bed. If it was just a plasma TV, built-in bed, this bed would not be in the list. All the matter in a control system with plasma, which is located between the cushions.

Comfortable bedrooms with vintage elements

Provence interior design bedroom

There are two options for the bedroom design: in the first version, the bedroom is emotionally faceless, as it was the zero point from which the new day begins. It simply serves as a background for emotional unloading.

Bedroom ideas: headboard with storage

Bedroom ideas

Do you suffer from a lack of space to store your magazines?  So, you need a storage unit that will accommodate all your belongings without cluttering the space! There is nothing more suitable than a headboard with built-in storage.

Attic bedroom: design ideas and decoration

Attic bedroom

The sloping ceiling may seem a really claustrophobic room. You can transform your attic bedroom using design ideas to reach an aesthetic effect. The secret is to minimize the slope, to trick the eyes. Light plays an important role. You can create a very pleasant atmosphere with the right color and decoration of the sloping wall.