Top 10: how to use the bathroom space effectively

Top 10: how to use the bathroom space effectively

Bathroom frequently combines a bathroom, toilet, shower, washing machine, a resting place. Here we are going to work that morning, but here are going to sleep. In addition, the bathroom has a large portion of detergent powders, toiletries, cosmetics, and jewelry. Therefore, efficient use of space bathroom is a complicated, but it is doable task! We offer 10 interesting ideas.

Towel bars

Not many bathrooms have enough places where you can hang towels. Attaching three small towel bars on the inside of the door, you not only use space efficiently, but can always use a dry towel.

Toothbrush cup holder

Toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs occupes too much space on horizontal shelves.  But this problem can be solved with small toothbrush cup holder, which we recommend to mount on the inside door of the cabinet over the sink.

Bathroom organizer for small items

In order to make these pockets is enough to make several horizontal and vertical joints in the towel.

Bathroom Shelves

Keep bathroom accessories in order and clean thanks to the bathroom shelves.

Thematic boxes

If possible, use one box for his destination. For example, put the shampoo, lotion on the top shelf, on the bottom shelf – bath toys, in the middle – first aid kit.

Drawer dividers

To keep order in the bathroom accessories is enough to put a drawer dividers and use each cell as intended: the  lotion in one cell, lipstick – in the other, and so on.

Pull out shelves

Cabinet pull out shelves under the sink can be used not only in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom. It is advisable to use a shelves made of stainless steel. On the inside cabinet door can also be made hooks for the hair dryer.

Color-coded towel loops

If you like one color towels, then you are definitely faced with a problem, “Whose is this towel?”. This problem can be solved with the help of  color-coded towel loops.

 Hanging  storage cabinets

This wooden hanging  cabinet is ideal for storing towels. They can be stacked in a closet, as well as on it. Due to the cabinet transparent door, you will know always how much you have towels without opening the cabinet.

Shelves above the door
The small bathrooms space to use effectively is especially important. You can make a shelves above the door, where needed thing  will be stored.

Cozy bathroom decor ideas

Cozy bathroom decor ideas

If it seems to you that it is enough to cover the surface in the bathroom and install the proper plumbing, we will answer: this is only 70% of what needs to be done in this room.  A bathroom is a separate, albeit small, but independent room, which can also have its own, unique image.