Top 10: decorative wall plates

Top 10: decorative wall plates

If you are bored with traditional painting,  there are other options for decorating. For example, the displaying decorative plates. Any corner in your house will find its own unique style with their help.

Typically, the displaying decorative plates adorn the dining room.

For a monochromatic displaying designers are advised to pick up plates of the same color but different shapes. For multi-colored – colored plates fit one form.

Decorative wall plates in the bathroom look very unusual, but bathroom can find your style.

Wall plates with national ornaments will look great in a traditional interior design.

This decorative plates can be done in addition to the french style.

Decorative plates can be placed around the perimeter of the room and create a displaying in the form of a flower, circle, semicircle.

Wall plates can frame mirrors, paintings. This way you can highlight the main element (picture, photo, mirror).

These shelves does not serve only a decorative function, but also very functional – in fact they can be used both to store sets, and decorate their room.

As surprising as it may sound, but the plates can be placed over the bed in the bedroom! The main thing is very well secure them.

Very nice look decorative plates, decorated with his own hands.

Plate decor design ideas

Plate decor design ideas

You can decorate the walls and fireplace shelves with decorative plates. It is a simple and economical way to diversify the home interior. Decorative plates often can be found on the kitchen walls. But they are appropriate in the living room, the dining room, in the lobby and in the bedroom. These decorative items look good on walls.