Top 10 decorative pillows

Top 10 decorative pillows

Looking the interior designs, it is impossible not to draw attention to how much there textiles. Moreover, sometimes it is textiles “makes” the interior comfortable, interesting and beautiful (examples here, here, here and here). One of the easiest ways – it is decorative pillows. Here are the top 10 ideas how to decorate pillows, using different types of fabrics, ribbons, lace, satin ribbons, etc.

Felt decorative pillow with floral patterns

Purple decorative pillow with different fabrics and flower

Decorative  pillows of different fabric texture

Pillow with “twisted” roses

Decorative pillow: the circles of different textures and colors are sewn in the   shape of a flower.

Decorative pillow with a white flower from felt (each petal is cut separately and sewn in the shape of a flower)

Decorative pillow with applique.

Decorative pillow with lace

Pillow with heart for Valentine’s Day

Red pillow.

Pillow with floral ornaments

Shabby chic. Part 2

Shabby chic

Furniture and light In the arrangement of furniture the focus is on comfort and the opportunity to relax and chat with friends. As the ceiling lights, you can use vintage chandelier with glass beads or crystals. Wall sconces and romantic night-lights also fit into the interior in such style.