The yellow curry color awakens the interior that lacks life

yellow curry color
The yellow curry color awakens the interior that lacks life

Trends are constantly changing.  Another enchanting shade enters our interiors to bring the sensation escape. Succumb to the yellow curry decor and spice up your space! With its richness and exoticism, this color creates its own decor style.

 yellow curry plaid

The yellow curry is a warm and inspiring color that knows how to charm. This exceptional color finds its place in all styles: from modern decor to Scandinavian. The great merit of the color is that it creates a tonic and relaxed atmosphere at the same time. It is therefore perfect to awaken the interior that lacks warmth, dynamism and life.

 yellow curry wall brick exposed interior open plan

But be careful not to abuse it! A simple accent will allow you to spice up and energize a room and therefore enhance it. Remember about dosing. Feel free to experiment and play with the nuances to create a highly spicy set in tune with the times. Thus, you will have the assurance that your interior will be elegant, refined and very warm.

yellow curry color kitchen

yellow curtain living room

 yellow curry canape

color curry armchair

 yellow curry salon, leather sofa

yellow curry bathroom

Storage ideas in a small bathroom

Storage ideas in a small bathroom

Small bathroom will become cozier, if you learn to use free space and find your place for each subject. Buy shelves, hooks, transparent containers. Here are a few ideas to how to organize new storage locations. In a small bathroom you can use the height of the walls and hang not one, but two or three shelves.

how to improve a small bathroom

small bathroom

You dream of a big bathroom, furnished with elegant furniture, accessories and modern plumbing! In most apartments the bathroom space is small. Nevertheless, we can achieve the optical expansion of a small bathroom with some tricky tricks. You can yang mirrors in a small bathroom to increase it optically.

Solid wood kitchen

Solid wood kitchen

The modern kitchen is a living space that invites the whole family to spend convivial moments, to talk, to eat, to live simply. The kitchen deserves special attention with regard to the furniture, the island, the worktops and the floor covering.