The red color in the bathroom design

red color in the bathroom design
The red color in the bathroom design

The color scheme is the most important design element. The mood, comfort and home style depends correct choice of color.

Bathroom usually has a small size, so it is especially important to consider the color that will dominate in its decoration.

Saturated colors became fashionable to use bathroom design. The red color in the interior design is the perfect stimulus to inspire joy.

An aggressive saturated red will not incur a negative impact on person psyche, but on the contrary, give optimism and energy.

It’s worth noting that a warm red color has the property visually make the room smaller, so the red walls are allowed in a really rather big bathrooms.

Small bright accents help to draw attention to the decorative elements.

Best ideas of bathroom storage

bathroom storage

Our apartments seem to be dwarfing always. Unfortunately, this rather sad observation is valid for all the rooms, including that intended for daily body hygiene. We are about to explore a collection of clever ideas for bathroom storage.