The dining room interior in 3 steps

The dining room interior in 3 steps

We will turn the traditional dining room into a stylish and sophisticated multi-functional room that combines the functions of the dining room, living room and the workplace.

Step 1: Basic Elements

The color combinations of beige, white and brown colors creates a soft and versatile base for a future dining room. Architecture of the room, the shape of the windows, a bench-sill only increase the potential effect of this room, if you make  a  effort.

Classic furniture, complete with antique headset, prevails in the dining room.

Furniture is very restrained,  a palette is monochrome. The predominance of pastel colors and the lack of bright accessories making it austere and uninviting.

Step 2: The potential of the palette

Carefully chosen accessories brings color, pattern, metallic shine and make the room more comfortable. Two new shades (burgundy color and lime color) were added to the basic palette.

Replacement of four similar paintings  by one painting  transforms completely this part of the dining room: new paints, new atmosphere, a new mood.

Putting an extra chair, we add a new feature to this room. Now you can read a newspaper, sitting beside the dresser in his chair.

You can put a set of stationery for storing letters, notes, pens and other small things. Of course, the color of the organizer should approach the new color scheme. In our case, we stop the choice on the color lime.

We have set a stylish green sofa, which is more convenient to receive guests and have a cup of coffee. This sofa brings another function in the dining room – now it can be called a mini living room.

Step 3:  Accessories

Fashionable color palette consisting of burgundy, green and beige, complemented textiles, lighting.

Chair covers and drapery curtains are made in the Moroccan style, decorated with hanging tassels.

Attention to detail is very important. The  tea set  fits the overall color scheme in a kitchen cabinet.

New pillows of different textures and patterns adorn the seating area around the table. They also bring notes of Moroccan chic in the dining room.

Glue wallpaper warm shades with an interesting pattern on the wall in that part where there is a sofa.

French country interior design

French country interior design

If you are tired of the sterile decor and you are attracted by the rustic influence, you are certainly not alone. Many people are afraid to add elements in a similar style for fear of unnecessarily clutter. But it can be done using just a few accents and you can avoid exaggerated glut.

How to use zebra stripes in the modern interior design

How to use zebra stripes in the modern interior design

This print is quite complicated and carries a visual load, so it should be used on a specific interior details, such as: carpet, upholstery, decorative panels, a small wall, and textile pillows. Zebra stripes are combined with shades of blue: sky blue, turquoise or aqua-green. Bedroom with bright color accents is combined with zebra patterns.