The combination of yellow and black in the interior

The combination of yellow and black in the interior

Black is the color of night, darkness. Yellow is the color of the sun, light and joy. Therefore, the combination of these two colors are very unexpected, sharp, vivid and memorable. To make the contrast was less noticeable, “mixin” a bit of gray, white or beige.

1. The dark tones of the interior is very cold, bright picture with yellow paint can help warm up the general impression.

2. Why not paint the walls yellow? Such experiments are relevant in the kitchen and kids room.

3. Designers are advised to use black in massive elements, and the yellow would be best to look at the accents: textiles, lampshades on the lamps, candles, figurines.

4. If a pink-and-white kids room interior is not your style, we can offer a version of the children’s room in the yellow white gray black tones. This color combination looks and fun, and noble at the same time.

5. To make a room seem even more sunny and bright – hang yellow curtains on the windows!

6. Yellow does not have to be much – just a chest of drawers and the interior became a fashionable and modern.

7. The black color looks very majestic in furniture, leather upholstery, and on the floor. Yellow, bordered with gold, only help to emphasize the greatness.

8. Soft colors (pale yellow, matte black, combined with white and beige) are suitable for the bedroom.

9. Yellow chairs, fireplace, fresh flowers brought into the interior  sunny mood and warmth.

10. This is a simple and brilliant solution – scarves (yellow and gray), attached to the chair, will add texture and style to any chair.

Black bathroom design

black bathroom design

Is black gloomy? No, it is not. Black is expressive and elegant. The requirement for use of black is a large area of the bathroom. Choose glossy tiles for the bathroom walls in black. Shiny tile surface will reflect the light, not concealing space. Lighting plays an important role in the bathroom with dark monochrome tones.

Trend: Black kitchen

Black kitchen

We are faced with unusual and sometimes very controversial trends, exploring new current trends in interior design. Such, for example, include the kitchen design with the involvement of a large number of black. Most likely, the majority of our esteemed readers deem black kitchen is unacceptable, and they will be right. But also, there are adherents of all unusual.

Natural harmony in interior design

green kitchen

Shades of green are insidious because, in large amounts and if used improperly, they erase all the positive impression of the interior. Therefore, green definitely need to be combined with other shades, both heat and cold, but necessarily, with the knowledge of all its features. We help choose the best green for you.