The combination of black and blue

The combination of black and blue

The best part of this color combination  is that there are many different shades of blue, and they all go well with black. You can also experiment with different textures of black, use a shiny or matte coating, playing on the grayscale transparency. Use one color as the primary (eg, paint their walls, or use in the upholstery of furniture), and let there be a different color for accents (pillows, vases, curtains).

You can start with the bathroom – just hang a blue and black towels and see how they fit together. If you like, continue to experiment on the tile, plumbing fixtures, blinds.

To the black walls are not made to the interior gloom, use  the black combined with white and add a “distraction” third color – turquoise. These  turquoise doors make the room brighter, even with the black walls.

The blue chairs, tableware, kitchen drawers are one entity  in the example with the dining room. They dilutes so with a darker tone (table, furniture) that blue color is as the base in the interior.

Of course, more familiar to us to use the blue for the walls, and black – in the decor elements, rather than vice versa. Do not forget to add white to create the effect of lightness. Especially important is the combination of the bedroom.

Try to play with patterns and prints, which include both colors at once. These patterns look very noble and restrained.

It is interesting to look blue in combination with black and white stripe print, or a zebra.

How to choose the bathroom color – tips and pictures

Retro bathroom

Choosing the right color for the rooms can sometimes be a big challenge, especially when it comes to the bathroom where the result seems permanent and in addition the materials are very expensive. It’s clear that not all colors work everywhere. Below, we show you design ideas of successful bathrooms that will help you choose the color for you.

What color for a living room – dark or pastel

color for a living room

The living room sets the tone of the home and determines the atmosphere. She is centerpiece of the home which is the most frequented room and welcomes the guests.  What color for a living room you need to choose? The answer turns out to be quite simple and our gallery of images will help you regain the inspiration.

Black bathroom design

black bathroom design

Is black gloomy? No, it is not. Black is expressive and elegant. The requirement for use of black is a large area of the bathroom. Choose glossy tiles for the bathroom walls in black. Shiny tile surface will reflect the light, not concealing space. Lighting plays an important role in the bathroom with dark monochrome tones.

Trend: Black kitchen

Black kitchen

We are faced with unusual and sometimes very controversial trends, exploring new current trends in interior design. Such, for example, include the kitchen design with the involvement of a large number of black. Most likely, the majority of our esteemed readers deem black kitchen is unacceptable, and they will be right. But also, there are adherents of all unusual.