Ivory decor design ideas

Ivory decor design ideas

A beautiful and noble cream color called Ivory, quite often lies at the basis of the color palette of classical and traditional interiors. In addition, Ivory is one of the most versatile colors, which is perfectly combined with warm and cold shades, as well as pastel and contrasting rich tones.

Cozy living rooms

Cozy living rooms

Is it possible to guarantee the aura of hospitality and cosiness to the living room if it is filled with the appropriate attributes: checkered plaids, soft chairs, photos within the framework, a fireplace? However, this is just a blank, a template that will help you quickly create cosiness if you enter an uninhabited room.

Living room wall paint: chic ideas

Living room wall paint

To start you must pay attention to a real conventionally white salon. In recent years the white color is back and it’s not by chance. With its unsurpassed purity and the many decorative options it offers, the blank canvas is again fashionable. Of course, a background that lacks color requires a certain amount of ornamental accents to take life.

Small living room: furniture, colors and accents

Small living room

You can easy decorate a spacious room, as it has a wide range of options in terms of colors, furniture and decorative accents. Here you can choose the best. But when it comes to the interior design of small spaces, the challenges are numerous enough. The following design ideas will help you in the challenging task.

Unexpected bright accents in the living room

bright accents in the living room

Basic shades so good that they are ready for any experiments, for example, as a non-standard color combinations. Nature inspires us to use rich colors. So the ordinary things we surround ourselves with every day, even a favorite treat can become a cause of the apparent transformation.