Reading corner in the bedroom

Reading corner in the bedroom

Are you a great reader? Do you spend any free minute with a book in hand? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We will examine the reading corner in the bedroom. Get ideas for design your own unique reading corner! These proposals in photos illustrate this nook of relaxation dream with its beautiful furniture and decorations.

Bedroom ideas: headboard with storage

Bedroom ideas

Do you suffer from a lack of space to store your magazines?  So, you need a storage unit that will accommodate all your belongings without cluttering the space! There is nothing more suitable than a headboard with built-in storage.

Small bedroom design ideas

Small bedroom design ideas

If you have a small bedroom, then you, in fact, must solve two problems for bedroom design. The first: you must optimally accommodate all necessary. Two: Make the bedroom visually more to go beyond the proposed space. Many believe that dramatically change the interior, a limited small number of square meters, it is impossible.  But it is not so.

Attic bedroom: design ideas and decoration

Attic bedroom

The sloping ceiling may seem a really claustrophobic room. You can transform your attic bedroom using design ideas to reach an aesthetic effect. The secret is to minimize the slope, to trick the eyes. Light plays an important role. You can create a very pleasant atmosphere with the right color and decoration of the sloping wall.

Turquoise ideas for every room

Turquoise ideas for every room

Turquoise is a very popular color for many reasons, like the eponymous stone that gave the name accordingly. First, in winter, it makes us dream of tropical islands and exotic beaches of pure water. Secondly, in summer, it gives us the feeling of a pleasantly cool. Turquoise curtains are the excellent choice to decorate the interior.

Wall panels for bedroom: design ideas

Wall panels for bedroom

When we design our home, we tend to neglect the decoration for the bedroom walls. However, it plays a very important aesthetic role and helps improve everyday comfort. Therefore, wall decor deserves to it be well considered and carefully chosen. Sometimes, it can give a new modern look and original style.

Natural ambience in the contemporary bathroom

contemporary bathroom

Wood and natural stone   bring harmony and comfort in any room. The imitation natural stone tiles, such as marble, granite, limestone or travertine and wood imitation – reveal the natural character of any bathroom. Some types of stone and wood are very combine because they give a modern appearance to the bathroom.