What color for a living room – dark or pastel

color for a living room

The living room sets the tone of the home and determines the atmosphere. She is centerpiece of the home which is the most frequented room and welcomes the guests.  What color for a living room you need to choose? The answer turns out to be quite simple and our gallery of images will help you regain the inspiration.

Sensual classics in interior design

grey and pink

Flowers give us the beauty and magic flavor. They also help arrange elegant interior design effortlessly. We consider the option of using the classic combination of pink and gray, on the example of peony or fuchsia, whose petals play a few shades, from the most gentle to bright and saturated.

Valentine’s Day colors

Valentine's Day colors

Red is a symbol of passion, the personification of courage, power, beauty and brightness. For example, red is a symbol of joy, fun and happiness, active action in feng shui. Maybe that’s why the red is the traditional interior decoration and gifts to Valentine’s Day. Pink is the color of sincerity, tenderness and love.

Shabby chic. Part 2

Shabby chic

Furniture and light In the arrangement of furniture the focus is on comfort and the opportunity to relax and chat with friends. As the ceiling lights, you can use vintage chandelier with glass beads or crystals. Wall sconces and romantic night-lights also fit into the interior in such style.

Color combinations: Light pink, ivory color, Black

Color palette: Light pink, ivory color, Black

The combination of light pink, ivory color and black is delicate¬† (due to light pink) and strong (thanks to black) simultaneously. Thanks to its versatility, this color combination is popular in any interior: in bedrooms, children’s rooms, living room. Associations caused the palette shades are totally opposite.