How to choose a color for kitchen walls: beautiful ideas

How to choose a color for kitchen walls

Probably, the kitchen is room where we spend the most time. Therefore, it is important that it meets our expectations – functional furniture, beautiful colors, etc. In this article, we’ll give you design ideas for kitchen walls color. If you want to create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere in your kitchen, you can choose the yellow.

Orange and yellow bedroom design ideas

Orange and yellow bedroom design ideas

Paint the bedroom walls with the yellow, honey, carrot and apricot tones. This cheerful bedroom will remind you about the rest, charging cheerful mood. Furthermore, by choosing a combination of yellow and orange can be successfully highlight features of various styles. Saturated perky colors (orange, carrot, bright yellow) used in Mexican style.

Scandinavian ornaments in the interior

scandinavian patterns

What do you associate the Scandinavian countries? This is a prolonged and snowy winter, long nights and capricious short summer. Perhaps that is why the Scandinavians, who have lacked the natural colors of nature, love to use patterns with bright saturated colors.

Fall table settings

While we are happy to enjoy the warm summer weather, we offer  the photos of fall holiday decor ideas. Everything that makes you fall Association: acorns, ripe apples and pears, ears of wheat, pumpkins can be used for Fall table settings. Give preference to yellow, orange, red and brown hues and patterns.

Color 2012 – tangerine tango

The well-known U.S. company Colore Pantone Institute, which is a provider of professional color standards for design, each year selects the color of the upcoming year. This year the choice fell on the color at No. 17-14633, or Tangerine Tango. According to the executive director Leatrice Eiseman : “Color tangerine tango is a very rich shade of orange.