Natural harmony in interior design

green kitchen

Shades of green are insidious because, in large amounts and if used improperly, they erase all the positive impression of the interior. Therefore, green definitely need to be combined with other shades, both heat and cold, but necessarily, with the knowledge of all its features. We help choose the best green for you.

Three fresh shades of green

shades of green

The green is the color that is associated with harmony and nature, ideal for the kitchen and the living room. Also it is the appropriate choice for the home office because it promotes concentration. The green paint is available in several dark and light shades that create different effects in space.

Latest home decorating trends: Leaf

Latest home decorating trends: Leaf

Today we continue our conversation about contemporary trends in interior design. The collection is inspired floral motifs.  Leaves of different sizes in combination with graphic motifs form the design of the collection. The color scheme of olive, moss, yellow, white and a pastel shade of sea waves give a feeling of autumn.

Color 2013 – Emerald color

Color 2013 - Emerald color

Emerald color adds a luxury and a refinement in interior, as well as contributes to the harmony and peace of mind, relaxes and looks very presentable. Emerald color is a warm, deep shade of green spectrum. This color is quite dark, so designers are advised to use it on an accent.

Shabby chic. Part 2

Shabby chic

Furniture and light In the arrangement of furniture the focus is on comfort and the opportunity to relax and chat with friends. As the ceiling lights, you can use vintage chandelier with glass beads or crystals. Wall sconces and romantic night-lights also fit into the interior in such style.