Decorate walls with art

Decorate walls with art

The art comes in many forms. Whether in painting, photography, illustration or vintage poster, it adds a decorative dimension to a room. If you have a piece of art that is important to you, include it in the design process so that it is integrated organic and natural way to the final design.

Home Decor: storage ideas

storage ideas

The storage items are not just containers for storage, but also fashionable interior design accents and a fetish for women. Multi-colored cardboard boxes or wood boxes, decorated with bright prints, are practical and beautiful. They will streamline jewelry, old photos, buttons and toy.

Interior design hallways. Part 1

What choose the wardrobe for the hall

Hallway – this is the first place in the house, which you will see when you enter the house and the last thing you see when you exit. So this place is certainly remembered for your guests. It is therefore necessary to create a cozy and functional home hallway.