Corner cabinets for the best use of even the smallest corners

Corner cabinets

We must admit that the corner cabinet is a good way to optimize the use of home space.  The corner cabinets in the dining room are used as a sideboard or buffet. They’re used to better organize his clothes in the room. While in the kitchen, we took the opportunity to store food which does not need refrigeration.

Round coffee table

Round coffee table

The table is the central axis around which “rotate” the other furniture in the room. The round coffee table, combined with the sofa, form the essential core functionality in contemporary living room. Therefore choice is of paramount importance to good design. The round coffee table is perfect for small rooms. Shape saves space and allows walking freely around.

Wooden washbasin cabinets: irresistible design ideas

Wooden washbasin cabinets

The advantages of a wooden bathroom furniture are endless! Such furniture is a trendy design today. Also It has a high quality, unparalleled functionality and timeless elegance. We present today a rich collection of wooden washbasin cabinets. Take a look and see the difference between design furniture  and ordinary furniture.

Baroque furniture style: modern decor ideas

Baroque furniture style

Today, the baroque style is undoubtedly the universal symbol of luxury and extravagance. Baroque furniture dazzle us with extraordinary splendor of ornaments, luxurious fabrics, beautiful gilding. If you think the baroque furniture have no place in your home, you are mistaken. The Baroque style used in modern decor to create an original style.

Grey Sofa for your modern living room

Grey Sofa

The gray sofa actually offers much more than 50 shades of Grey! It is one of the absolute classics in the living room and offers various design variants. Choose one that suits you best. Exotic sofa, a traditional sofa or modern sofa are intended to meet the demanding needs of each client.

Summer Home Decorating Ideas

Summer Home Decorating Ideas

Summer is almost here, and most of are looking for a different home decorating look for those warmer months. Summer is experiments with colors and patterns in clothing, time to decorate your home. We offer a few ideas to update your entire home for the summer season. The primary concern is the atmosphere of coolness, light and bright colors.