Bedrooms for Two Kids

Bedrooms for Two Kids

To arrange the kids bedroom  so that she liked and to your children and to you, but still fit in the allowed budget – sometimes impossible task. To deal with it, follow the basic designer tips: use light colors, prefer bright, cheerful accents, use natural fabrics, pay special attention to lighting.

20 kids rooms Ideas. Part 2

Blue and orange We have already discussed possible options for a combination of blue and orange in the interior. Here is another example of successful use of these two contrasting colors in the nursery. Color combinations This shade of blue in conjunction with an orange is an excellent choice for a boys room.

20 kids rooms Ideas. Part 1

Say NO to boring monotonous walls and add vibrant color to the kids room! And even better – dedicate a baby room themes – whether it’s a favorite fairy tale, or a passion for film. Zoo Room This kids room gets their own individual style with pictures of animals on the carpet, bedding, curtains and painting.