Wallpaper trends: a meeting of refinement and sobriety

Wallpaper trends

Trends are changing. Without wasting time, we are already looking for new inspiring ideas that embody the current trends in interior design. If you are part of the followers of the latest trends, if you’re wondering how to apply them in your interior design, our selection of wallpaper ideas promises to give you the most relevant response.

Floral pattern wallpaper

Floral pattern wallpaper

Floral wallpaper brings to the interior feminine. A room becomes more comfortable and soft. Flowers are a joy. Wallpaper with a floral pattern contributes to a good mood. Some interior design styles use floral prints. And the floral pattern wallpaper may be style-forming element of the interior design. Thus, floral wallpaper is an effective tool in the designer hands.

Floral patterns in interior design

Floral patterns

Large Floral patterns are most fashionable now. Floral ornaments very harmonious look to textiles.  It makes the room more comfortable and creates a homely atmosphere. Tip: In most cases large floral patterns combine many colors and shades. So you cannot attach to the color scheme of the room. Choose one or two shades. It will be enough.

Blue and white patterns in interior design

Blue and white patterns in interior design

Floral patterns are very similar to my grandmother’s china sugar bowl, which is painted blue flowers. We offer some ideas of interior, which used such porcelain blue and white patterns. Blue and white patterns reminiscent of English porcelain. Maybe that’s why he looks organically especially in traditional English country style.

Scandinavian ornaments in the interior

scandinavian patterns

What do you associate the Scandinavian countries? This is a prolonged and snowy winter, long nights and capricious short summer. Perhaps that is why the Scandinavians, who have lacked the natural colors of nature, love to use patterns with bright saturated colors.

Retro style – floral patterns on the tea set

Floral patterns in the 30s filled the space – from silk blouses to tea sets. As especially popular in the seventies, these joyful, romantic colors in the following years were rejected as being archaic. But today, the floral patterns once again seize the spotlight, because retro is now in an unprecedented fashion – and look very stylish and modern.