Modern rustic kitchen ideas that awaken your imagination

Modern rustic kitchen

Modern rustic kitchen is a beautiful blend of authenticity and modernity. It abounds with wood elements and stone details. Modern rustic kitchen invites contemporary fireplace to lend its charm and chic appearance. The rustic kitchen decor  is mixing of natural colors, rough wood items, terracotta tiles and natural stone details.

Design Ideas for White Kitchens

Design Ideas for White Kitchens

The white kitchen may seem difficult to maintain and too pretentious. Yet the contemporary kitchen has more than one face and can show also super convenient and charming! We have already examined the kitchen in black and white, red and gray kitchen.

Patchwork kitchen tiles and artistic backsplash ideas

kitchen tiles

A tile backsplash of patchwork pattern brings an unmatched vintage and authentic charm at your kitchen walls.  Discover fascinating kitchen tile ideas ( patchwork mosaic, and artistic tile) and add a unique character at the room. The mosaic tiles and cement tile kitchen backsplash work well when the kitchen cabinets are solid color.

Eclectic interior design: the elegant mix of different styles

elegant mix of different styles

Eclectic style is a mixture of different styles through their artificial combination. It  has no clear canon. The result depends entirely on the taste, experience and knowledge of the person who is working on  specific interior solutions. Eclectic enables you to create amazing interiors in which a mixture of different cultures, times and technology gives a vivid emotional effect.

Cozy kitchen wall decor ideas

kitchen wall decor ideas

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. This is the area where you   are cooking and where you welcome your friends. The kitchen interior design should be cozy, comfortable and should reflect the personal style of its owners. Therefore, we must not let the bare walls.

Eclectic kitchen design ideas

Eclectic kitchen design ideas

The modern kitchen design is a prerequisite for use in the design of mixed styles. Today, the kitchen is the energy center of the home, which is rapidly expanding its borders, becoming a multi-functional room. It is not just a room for cooking, hidden from the eyes of the guests.