Trend 2016: living room curtains

living room curtains

Net curtains and curtains are among the elements of interior design. They best suited to create a comfortable and elegant atmosphere, regardless of the room you want to decorate. Their practical protection against sun, combined with the aesthetic effect they create, plays a key role in the contemporary interior decoration.

Turquoise ideas for every room

Turquoise ideas for every room

Turquoise is a very popular color for many reasons, like the eponymous stone that gave the name accordingly. First, in winter, it makes us dream of tropical islands and exotic beaches of pure water. Secondly, in summer, it gives us the feeling of a pleasantly cool. Turquoise curtains are the excellent choice to decorate the interior.

Kitchen curtains: classic and modern

Kitchen curtains

The window curtains are an important aspect of the development of any room. The curtains give the final touch to the kitchen decor and create a comfortable atmosphere where you will prepare food. To choose the perfect kitchen curtains, you must take into consideration not only their design, but also kitchen space.

Striped curtains

striped curtains

Striped fabric is a spectacular decor, which is able to radically transform the window opening, because we all know that the vertical stripes make the object high and narrow. Stripes bring to the interior a feeling of order.

Roller blinds in the interior

Roller blinds in the interior

Roller blinds allow you to completely isolate the room from sunlight, as well as replace conventional curtains. Roller blinds can be plain or with pattern. By varying the length of the roller blinds, you can easily hide from the scorching sun or prying eyes. Roller blinds can be used as screens for projectors.

Curtain styles and types


Curtains can be a great way to change the look of your interiors, while also helping to filter natural light into your room. In terms of window treatments, they offer a great marriage of style and function.

Interior window design ideas for living room and bedroom

Interior window design ideas for living room and bedroom

A home like feeling can be achieved in any living space by adding unique style and touch of personality. With the addition of stylish window treatments it is quite possible to bring that desired change. Always consider window treatment carefully when it comes to interior design ideas because the windows occupy a huge space in any room.