Floral arrangement ideas

floral arrangements

You can create the simplest floral arrangement from several bulbs of hyacinth, narcissus and tulip. The bulbs are placed in conventional glass vase. Use decorative substrate for added visual effect. Try to separate the bright juicy pions from the leaves and place them in separate vases. Repetition is method, which is often used in the floral arrangements.

Autumn floral arrangements

Today I would like to present to all, not only the inspiring collection with the autumn  decor ideas , but also autumn mood – cozy and peace. Of all the seasons, autumn has the most to family gatherings. To emphasize the intimate meetings, use the candles: flavored, with candlesticks or in combination with bouquets.

Autumn Decor: Inspiration

The autumn is time favorite of many designers. This is not surprising, as the autumn gives not only inspiration, but also a lot of resources to craft and decoration. Enough to look out the window and breathe in cool autumn air, to take a few things that you associate with this season of the year and to dream.