Summer Decorating ideas. 20 seashell crafts ideas

Summer Decorating ideas. 20 seashell crafts ideas

If you are asked to bring their friends sea souvenirs, and they brought you a bag of seashells – do not worry. If you use a seashells with the mind and imagination, seashells can be beautiful and practical elements of the  home decor.

Vase from seashells

Spirally-twisted shell of a nautilus can be used as a vase for a small bouquet on the bedside table.

Bathroom accessories: soap-dish

Do you want to use the seashell? Make a soap-box: a small seashell used as a “leg”, and large seashell – as a holder for the soap.

Seashell prints

The shape of seashells may be the original pattern, which can be used on any fabric. For example, transfer seashell prints on cushions and a tablecloth for the dining table.

Composition with a seashells

Paint the seashells in a metallic color, insert the wick and pour hot wax. Once the wax has cooled, seashells-candles ready. Put some candles in the middle of the table, add of starfish and seashells of various shapes.

Composition with a seashells for the table

Create a wonderful  romantic atmosphere for a summer dinner. In a transparent vase insert some thin candles. Sprinkle sand on the bottom of the vase that a candle held  in an upright position. Decorate the surface of sand with small seashells.

Seashell garland

It’s time of summer parties! To create a Mediterranean theme parties, decorate the room with interesting garland. Take a garland with small light bulbs and glue seashell  (we recommends to use the epoxy glue).

Salsola and pepper from the seashell

You can make Salsola and pepper from four seashell clam.
Place the salt and pepper In two seashells and set them on the remaining two seashell-stand.

Flower Arrangement in a seashell

Create an interesting Flower Arrangement  of leaves and branches, placing them not in the usual vase, and in a spiral seashell. The secret is that you need to put in a seashell floral foam, which will be fixed stems.

Lampshade in the form of seashells

Lampshade, the color and shape, reminiscent of seashell, will be a wonderful summer decor in your bedroom.

Oyster shell mirror

Colored seashells can be decorated with mirror. Glue to the rim of the mirror seashells, following the sequence of different shades.

Marine patterns

White linen looks even more attractive with seashell prints. Select the colors and shapes  to your taste.

Decorative flower pots

Decorate clay pots with seashells.

Door wreaths

Prepare a delicious meal of seafood, but in any case, do not throw the shells of mussels. You can make such a wonderful wreath on the door.

Saucer of oyster shell

You can make a saucer to storage jewelry with such a wonderful oyster shell .


It is another version of the seashell-candles: a simple but interesting solution to decorate.

Napkins with marine patterns

Napkins with  seashells prints and a few sea stars will be a perfect table decoration in the summer.

Book props

Large seashell could be prop for the books  in the mediterranean style.

Romantic evening ideas

You can make romantic evening with the large seashell. Fill a small tray of sand,  sprinkle pebbles  on top. Install the seashells in the sand and secure them with pebbles. Place a small candle in each pair of seashells.

Door  wreath

You can get a great white door wreath of the seashells. Just glue seashells in several layers.

Decor ideas with sea stones

Decor ideas with sea stones

Striding along the coast and enjoying the salty breeze, we often begin to gather sea stones. So the multi-colored pebbles collection become more and more. What to do next with this “wealth”? Sea stones unearthly beauty transformed into a bunch of pebbles on the shelf gathering dust.