Summer decor: 10 rope decor ideas

Summer decor: 10 rope decor ideas

The rope can also be very interesting decoration. The rope always looks right for summer, lending a nautical air to whatever it touches. And who doesn’t love the nautical look?

DIY bookends
The rope looks on the bookshelf is as natural as on the deck. As proof that it is stylish   bookends.

Lamp shade with rope base
In the hands of the designer, the rope has acquired a new significance: the texture and color fit perfectly as the new clothes for  the lamp base.

Kitchen chairs
Simple kitchen chairs look stylish with a new rope design.

Coiled coasters
This is my absolute favorite decorative use for rope: Coiled coasters. This is one of those crafts that barely need any instructions, because it is that simple. Just snip a length of rope, then coil into a spiral, gradually adding hot glue to the coil to keep things secure.
You can use this rope-coiling method to also make larger mats and trivets, just make sure to be generous with the hot glue.

Ceramic Vases
Wraping pots with the rope we will leave the attractiveness of natural clay, adding a variety of textures and colors.

Braided Rugs
This rug is beautiful (he looks like a rug in front of a  house by the sea), and a  rope holds the dirt.

 Napkin Rings
Marine Theme Dinner can emphasize such interesting napkin rings. These simple napkin rings look fun and unusual.

Hooks for  pillows
Add comfort and accent your dining room with pillows, hung on rope hooks to the wall near the chairs or benches.

Striped  lamp
Blue  rope on white lamp simulates the sailor stripes, thus emphasizing the Mediterranean style of the dining room.

Flower pot
If you have a large flower pot and you want to put it in a prominent place, but a pot is old and ugly, refresh the pot with the help of this simple method: wrap it with twine.

Interior Decorations With Ropes

rope decor

Sometimes the simplest things and materials behave unpredictably. This happens, when designers begin to experiment. Today, we have prepared an overview of projects in which as a subject for creative acts is ordinary rope. In principle, the use of ropes in the interior design is a long time.