Spring living room

Spring living room
Spring living room

Create a spring mood in your living room.


Bright colors in the living room

The white walls and wooden parquet floor is the perfect backdrop to color experiment. We added the spring colors to the living room: green, light purple, hot pink and blue. We painted the wall in the intense green color and hung wide red and green curtains.

Saturated colors have become dominant in the spring interior room. Red chairs arranged around a round table with glass top. Pink and green pillows, blue plaid also complement the game bright colors in the living room.

Fresh flowers adorn the table and perfectly in tune with red chairs.

Spring living room


Delicate pastel living room

Living room color based on combinations pale olive and light shades of yellow. The furniture was left in place. Chairs have new beige upholstery.

We used fabric of muted green color and curtains with a geometric pattern. We repainted bright green wall in beige color, which is very well suited to olive tone living room. Green table was replaced by a similar, but the wooden table.

Spring living room

Ethnic style in living room decoration

Ethnic style in living room

Central room where the whole family meets, the living room deserves special attention, regarding its layout and decoration. Today, to vary the “landscape”, we put more and more on ethnic pieces of art such as: masks belonging to the culture and traditions of different countries, textiles of all kinds, decorative accessories etc.

Paint color for living room and decorating ideas

yellow curry salon

The living room is usually the largest room of the apartment or house. Normally, it must provide enough space for several pieces of furniture such as a comfortable sofa, a storage system, a TV stand, a coffee table, and sometimes armchairs, a chest of drawers, a console, etc.

White – universal output for ready-made solutions

white room design ideas

The possibilities of white color are unlimited. It is almost impossible to spoil it by any combination. The white color of the walls is combined with any interior design. This advice is most suitable for those who want to change and wants to fix the interior design in the room or even the entire apartment.