small bathroom design ideas

small bathroom design ideas

Bathroom – the most favorite place in the home for many. But as a rule, and the smallest room in the house. Here are some tips on how to visually enlarge the bathroom.

You need to do the bathroom layout before the renovation that the bathroom  space has been used wisely and without frills.
Thanks to new technologies in the installation,  you can place all plumbing and furniture  where it is most convenient for you.
Corner bath and a corner sink looks very good, and they are free space. If there is a niche, perhaps, set the bath in her.

Sanitary ware
In fact, if you have a very small bathroom, you can use a specially designed compact sanitary ware.
Small bowls are very handy, but a bath and wash basin should be the usual convenient size.

We do not recommend the use of tile or other covering of dark colors and large decorative paintings in small areas. It is best to use mosaic or small size tile, preferably light-colored, to increase the visual space.

Mirror – this is what will help you visually  enlarge the space. Mirrors can be hung not only over the sink, but also on all the walls. Also, the mirror will help create a sense of depth in the room. However, do not put them one against another.

Bathroom furniture
Do not put  a massive furniture in bathroom, put the it into a niche and under the sink. A glass shelves  would be a very good option, do not overdo it with the number of different accessories and decor.
If you have a lot of bottles and jars with detergent and cosmetics in the bathroom, it is wise to buy a sink cabinet or a tiny corner bathroom sink cabinet.

If the door opens into the bathroom, change it to a sliding or opened from outside. Just do not forget that the door can be used sensibly – hang in there  hooks for towels and robes.

The fact that the room in bright colors seem more spacious, well known to all who have the slightest interest in interior design. Good lighting is also able to visually enlarge the bathroom, so: The more light the better.
Establish a good overhead lighting above the mirror, too, can be installed lamps.