small apartments interior design

small apartments interior design
small apartments interior design

The most important thing in the house – it’s cozy. Not so important, how many square meters you are located – if appropriately designed space, everything is possible!

We’ll reveal the secrets of how to visually enlarge the room. Believe me, to get the result you need to make a minimum of effort, and you’ll get the maximum effect!

small apartments interior design

Light colors

Light colors visually extend the space. That is why almost all galleries walls painted white. Give up bright and flashy colors – if you had only the one room. It can negatively affect your inner balance. The best option – it’s pastel colors, and their cool shades – is the most successful choice.

 A minimum of furniture and decoration

Give up unnecessary things. Choose the furniture to match the wallpaper and curtains. In addition, the furniture will not be high. Prefer a low table, the low bed. Put the furniture along the walls, and the room center  leave free.

small apartments interior design

Geometry lines

Lines are an interesting solution for a small space. They divide the space visually. Therefore it is necessary that the curtains and cabinet was monotonous geometrical figure.

More light

Do not hang the window shutters or blinds – give preference to a light tulle. In the evening, you will need spot halogen lamps, floor lamps and sconces.

small apartments interior design


Perhaps most important for small rooms. In the mirror, not only repulsed all the items, but also light. They are ideal for visually enlarge the space. In this regard, the mirrors are never enough, so think about.

Trust me, with these simple rules you will be able to create the perfect comfort in the apartment!


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