Scandinavian ornaments in the interior

scandinavian patterns
Scandinavian ornaments in the interior

What do you associate the Scandinavian countries? This is a prolonged and snowy winter, long nights and capricious short summer. Perhaps that is why the Scandinavians, who have lacked the natural colors of nature, love to use patterns with bright saturated colors.
In Scandinavian ornaments are frequently used elements of national folklore, combining geometric ornaments with stylized images of plants, flowers and animals.

The characteristic colors of the Scandinavian patterns – this are warm colors: shades of red, yellow, maroon, orange, as a rule, they are combined with cool colors: blue, light blue, gray and white. Ornaments and patterns can be both in a classic combination of multiple colors, often red and white, blue and white, and the combination of a large number of shades.


White – universal output for ready-made solutions

white room design ideas

The possibilities of white color are unlimited. It is almost impossible to spoil it by any combination. The white color of the walls is combined with any interior design. This advice is most suitable for those who want to change and wants to fix the interior design in the room or even the entire apartment.

White kitchen and wood

white kitchen

Wood makes the interior design functional, pleasant and welcoming.  The white kitchen and wood is the meeting point of elegant design and cozy décor. Explore these perfectly balanced spaces and find lots of ideas for yours! The white kitchen and wood are among the most preferred variations by the owners and this is absolutely understandable.

How to decorate white kitchen using colorful accents

white kitchen with colorful accents

The white kitchen is at the top of the sales. It explodes with purity and enchants us with its immaculate character. Pure and bright, the white breathes an irresistible sobriety allowing us all the extravagances.  The white kitchen has a special appeal dazzling.