Provence style

Provence style
Provence style

South of France is olive groves and lavender fields. It is here formed a popular interior style.


Vintage or artificially aged furniture

Textured painted surface gives credence to the Provence style. All of the furnishings and decoration must bear the stamp of the time.  Main material is wood, ceramics. You can use wrought-iron furniture and accessories. It is appropriate to use the wicker chairs, baskets and ottomans.

Provence style

Rich decorations

Provence style is one of the richest trappings and decorations. It is especially true in the kitchen. You can use multiple containers for grains and spices, and colorful textiles, and boxes with aromatic herbs.

Provence style is characterized by protruding decorative ceiling beams, which can be painted to match the ceiling or in a contrasting color.

Provence style

Pastel colors

Colors should not be bright, should be preferred restrained muted shades.

Traditionally used pastel colors: white, milky, beige, olive, lavender, sea waves, ocher, sunflower, terracotta. Provence style is characteristic combination of pastel blue and pale yellow, symbolizing the flowering meadows of southern France.


Sea chords have to be reflected in the Provencal interior. You can apply all the shades of blue, various trinkets in the form of shells, sea birds, fishing nets. Sea theme must provide in the bathrooms.

White kitchen and wood

white kitchen

Wood makes the interior design functional, pleasant and welcoming.  The white kitchen and wood is the meeting point of elegant design and cozy décor. Explore these perfectly balanced spaces and find lots of ideas for yours! The white kitchen and wood are among the most preferred variations by the owners and this is absolutely understandable.

How to decorate white kitchen using colorful accents

white kitchen with colorful accents

The white kitchen is at the top of the sales. It explodes with purity and enchants us with its immaculate character. Pure and bright, the white breathes an irresistible sobriety allowing us all the extravagances.  The white kitchen has a special appeal dazzling.

Cozy bathroom decor ideas

Cozy bathroom decor ideas

If it seems to you that it is enough to cover the surface in the bathroom and install the proper plumbing, we will answer: this is only 70% of what needs to be done in this room.  A bathroom is a separate, albeit small, but independent room, which can also have its own, unique image.