Plans for the autumn, autumn decorations

Plans for the autumn, autumn decorations

After you said goodbye to summer, a little melancholy, you need to cheer up. Make a list of things that simply must be done this fall. Plans, of course, big. But what to do – we will endeavor to implement all the below mentioned. We will share inspiring ideas from the collections of the autumn decor.
So, hello, autumn!

1) Autumn door wreath.
Lovely autumn door wreath  – this is where to start autumn decor. It will bring the autumn mood in your home.

2) Garland.
Autumn colors are so beautiful and varied that we want to decorate everything, including walls, chandeliers, furniture in the house.

3) Stock up on pumpkin.
Did you know that researchers believe the pumpkin one of the most useful and rich in vitamins of vegetables? Moreover, it bizarre shape and rich orange color makes it a wonderful element of decor. So, the pumpkin is stored – for cooking and decor.

4) Table Settings in the Autumn style.
For 3 months of Autumn, try  evening to arrange your family a holiday, using the ideas for autumn holiday table settings.

5) Halloween.
Children can dress up in costumes of fairy-tale heroes, cut a face in a pumpkin, decorate the house amusing horror stories and have some fun.

6)  Paint something in the orange color, or buy something orange. Paint an orange colours small decorative elements or  the wall.