Black accents in interior design

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Black color is very diverse and has the ability to adapt in any space, regardless of its size and purpose. Choosing the black accents for the design of the room, it is important to remember that black can make a spacious room more interesting and charismatic, but in small spaces this will not work.

Dark room – how to make the room lighter

soft and light living room

Sun-flooded room is the ideal field for interior design. Nevertheless, not every room has such a wonderful property. In this article, we’ll look at how to make the room lighter and, accordingly, visually more spacious. Turn the room into a “white cube” Nothing extends the premises like blurred boundaries between walls.

Comfortable bedrooms with vintage elements

Provence interior design bedroom

There are two options for the bedroom design: in the first version, the bedroom is emotionally faceless, as it was the zero point from which the new day begins. It simply serves as a background for emotional unloading.

Vintage living room ideas

Vintage living room ideas

Things and interior items that have gone out of fashion do not disappear without a trace. They become old. It is important to remember that vintage is not just old and very old interior items. This is a cult thing; they have a recognizable, clearly expressed style of specific decades of the last century.