Cozy bathroom decor ideas

Cozy bathroom decor ideas

If it seems to you that it is enough to cover the surface in the bathroom and install the proper plumbing, we will answer: this is only 70% of what needs to be done in this room.  A bathroom is a separate, albeit small, but independent room, which can also have its own, unique image.

Open kitchen and living room ideas

Open kitchen and living room

The kitchen is now a living room. It is more and more convivial, functional and trendy so that you can cook without leaving your guests. Obviously, it is a matter of lifestyle.

Black accents in interior design

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Black color is very diverse and has the ability to adapt in any space, regardless of its size and purpose. Choosing the black accents for the design of the room, it is important to remember that black can make a spacious room more interesting and charismatic, but in small spaces this will not work.

Dark room – how to make the room lighter

soft and light living room

Sun-flooded room is the ideal field for interior design. Nevertheless, not every room has such a wonderful property. In this article, we’ll look at how to make the room lighter and, accordingly, visually more spacious. Turn the room into a “white cube” Nothing extends the premises like blurred boundaries between walls.