Open kitchen and living room ideas

Open kitchen and living room
Open kitchen and living room ideas

The kitchen is now a living room. It is more and more convivial, functional and trendy so that you can cook without leaving your guests. Obviously, it is a matter of lifestyle. If you dream of owning a kitchen that is not separated from other living rooms, be aware that the open concept is for you.  It allows the whole family to meet together and participate in the preparation of meals.

Today, the open concept of this kind of cuisine is highly valued. An open layout offers more space and more light.

The modern, open-plan kitchen has simple furnishings, built-in elements and concealed handles, giving it the assurance of contemporary aesthetics and unrivaled functionality.

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Open kitchen and living room combinations

Open Concept Kitchen Living Room

Open space kitchen and living room

Open kitchen to living room ideas

White kitchen and wood

white kitchen

Wood makes the interior design functional, pleasant and welcoming.  The white kitchen and wood is the meeting point of elegant design and cozy décor. Explore these perfectly balanced spaces and find lots of ideas for yours! The white kitchen and wood are among the most preferred variations by the owners and this is absolutely understandable.

How to decorate white kitchen using colorful accents

white kitchen with colorful accents

The white kitchen is at the top of the sales. It explodes with purity and enchants us with its immaculate character. Pure and bright, the white breathes an irresistible sobriety allowing us all the extravagances.  The white kitchen has a special appeal dazzling.