Mothers Day Flower Arrangements

Mothers Day Flower Arrangements

Soon will come Mother’s Day. There are some flower arrangements that you can to please their mothers.

Lilac bouquet
Choose a few containers of the same color: One container should be narrow and high, the other – a wide.


Vase with rose petals

Create a unique vase, decorated it with rose petals. You can take any vase, bowl  regardless of their appearance. Then glue rose petals around the vase, from the top edge.

Once the vase is ready, pour water into it and place flowers. If you want a vase remained longer – use petals of artificial roses.


Twigs with paper flowers
To make a tree, you will need a vase, a few twigs, plain napkin (you can use multiple colors), scissors and glue.


Vase with buttons and flowers
This is another easy way to decorate a floral arrangement in a vase. Take two glass vases, one larger and one smaller one. A small vase should be placed in a large vase so that the gap between the walls was 1 inches.
First, fill the bottom of a large vase buttons the same color but different sizes (the other option: buttons the same size but different colors).

In the gaps between the vases pour all the buttons so that there is a feeling that the buttons fill the entire space in a large vase.

How to use the old bike?

How to use the old bike

Transform the old and unnecessary in useful and interesting is a very exciting process. Many people prefer to give things a new life and not throw it away. The first and easier option to convert the old thing: you can decorate them, to give a new image.