Mediterranean style interior design

Mediterranean style interior design
Mediterranean style interior design

The Mediterranean style embodied concepts such as Comfort and Atmosphere. This style is emotional and gives the comfort and the relaxation.

The Mediterranean style historically and geographically emerged from the traditions of the people who settled in the lands of the Mediterranean basin: Greece, Morocco, Italian and French Riviera, Spain and others.

The dining table is the central point and it must be large.

Rest area is played an important role in the room interior. It is organized from a low sofa, a large number of soft cushions and poufs.

In the living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and offices all should be thought out so that owners and guests feel comfortable.

Mediterranean style interior design

Light and color

A protection against the heat is main functions of the Mediterranean houses. White creates a feeling of lightness and coolness. It is the perfect backdrop for interior decor.

Complementary colors are warm and natural. You can choice blue-green, cream, yellow, ocher, terracotta, brown, olive and orange. This style is not replete with ornaments.

Mediterranean interior design should create an illusion of open space. So the windows have to be large.

Mediterranean style interior design

Mediterranean style interior design

Storage ideas in a small bathroom

Storage ideas in a small bathroom

Small bathroom will become cozier, if you learn to use free space and find your place for each subject. Buy shelves, hooks, transparent containers. Here are a few ideas to how to organize new storage locations. In a small bathroom you can use the height of the walls and hang not one, but two or three shelves.

how to improve a small bathroom

small bathroom

You dream of a big bathroom, furnished with elegant furniture, accessories and modern plumbing! In most apartments the bathroom space is small. Nevertheless, we can achieve the optical expansion of a small bathroom with some tricky tricks. You can yang mirrors in a small bathroom to increase it optically.

Ethnic style in living room decoration

Ethnic style in living room

Central room where the whole family meets, the living room deserves special attention, regarding its layout and decoration. Today, to vary the “landscape”, we put more and more on ethnic pieces of art such as: masks belonging to the culture and traditions of different countries, textiles of all kinds, decorative accessories etc.

Paint color for living room and decorating ideas

yellow curry salon

The living room is usually the largest room of the apartment or house. Normally, it must provide enough space for several pieces of furniture such as a comfortable sofa, a storage system, a TV stand, a coffee table, and sometimes armchairs, a chest of drawers, a console, etc.