Interior design for stylish and independent women

Interior design for stylish and independent women
Interior design for stylish and independent women

Women of the twenty-first century are independent, successful and progressive. They occupy managerial positions, run their own business, at the same time, create families and taking care of children, as it always were.

Living room trends

The Interior design for independent women will be will be the most thoughtful and ergonomic, allowing you to place a large number of things in a small space and comfortably relax after an eventful day.

If we talk about the color scheme of the interior for a modern woman, we can characterize it in one word: creative. Dark colors in space are used only as accents.

Bathroom lighting ideas

A pleasant palette of natural shades (sand, peppermint, puddle, light gray, white, woody, golden, peach, and camellia) will help to relax and feel a rush of strength, and the calm silhouettes of furnishings will make your home the most comfortable.

Pouf design ideas

bathroom for  independent women

Living room  for  independent women

kitchen for  independent women

Cozy bathroom decor ideas

Cozy bathroom decor ideas

If it seems to you that it is enough to cover the surface in the bathroom and install the proper plumbing, we will answer: this is only 70% of what needs to be done in this room.  A bathroom is a separate, albeit small, but independent room, which can also have its own, unique image.

Open kitchen and living room ideas

Open kitchen and living room

The kitchen is now a living room. It is more and more convivial, functional and trendy so that you can cook without leaving your guests. Obviously, it is a matter of lifestyle.