how to use the bedroom space effectively

how to use the bedroom space effectively

Continuing a series of collections, -How to use the room space  effectively- with helpful tips on how to organize things in the kitchen, bathroom, and now in the bedroom.
 Storage Boxes on wheels

The space under the bed can fill multiple the storage boxes on wheels. These boxes can be easily available, they are very roomy, and most importantly, they are hidden from prying eyes.

Laundry bag

This bag can be hung on the inside of the cabinet doors and put  the dirty cloths.

 Men’s Accessories

The drawers will help keep men’s belts, ties, watches and other accessories in order.

Belt  Hanger

Belt is very convenient to hang on hooks. To save space, these hooks can attach to an ordinary coat hanger with a wooden partition.


 Rotate your mattress at regular intervals.

To ensure that the mattress was a long time, it must rotate over 4 times a year. You can attach a reminder, in which month you need to rotate your mattress next time.

 Dressing table

A small dressing table is nice for a woman to have in a bedroom, because it provides her with a moment to pause, reflect, and do something to pamper herself.

 Neat shelves

In order to not mix sweater with t-shirts and jeans with a blanket, use a wooden partitions for shelves.

Wall-Mounted Jewelry Closet

Organize and simplify your jewelry collection with this Wall-Mounted Jewelry Closet.  This beautiful Jewelry Closet does not take up dresser space like a jewelry Box or floor space like an armoire.

Home Decor: storage ideas

storage ideas

The storage items are not just containers for storage, but also fashionable interior design accents and a fetish for women. Multi-colored cardboard boxes or wood boxes, decorated with bright prints, are practical and beautiful. They will streamline jewelry, old photos, buttons and toy.

We organize Creative Corner

Arts, Crafts and Sewing

Even if you are used to working among creative disorder, agree that the need to always find the materials slows down the process. Start by organizing your workspace. If you are lucky and you have a free corner of the room, make it the most functional.

How to store recipes? Recipe organizers

Recipe organizers

Each of us has ever thought about how to make your cookbook  and keep it updated with new ideas and advice. Most of us have even recorded in a “book” the first 10 recipes.  But, rewrite every recipe in the book is pretty boring, time consuming (each has its own reason).