How to create and decorate a spring floral arrangement. Part 1

Flower arrangements
How to create and decorate a spring floral arrangement. Part 1

With the onset of spring you want as quickly as possible to lift your spirits with bright colors, fresh flowers and to bring the spring mood into the home.


Spring floral arrangement looks especially beautiful into a wicker basket and large vases. If you plan to make a floral arrangement of different flowers, it is necessary to harmonize the colors and the combination of components. Flowers can be warm colors – a yellow, orange and red, or cold – blue, green, and purple. Cool shades can be softened with warm and vice versa.


Flower arrangements can be created with their own hands and give you’re loved and dear people.  You can use bright ribbons, vines, branches of willow and alder, fabric butterflies, and possibly the use of decorative Easter figurines on a stick, feathers, beads and other accessories, which tells you a fantasy. Also, there are many ways to further decorate the spring flower arrangements – it can be done with vegetables or fruit, candy, twigs, thread, different fabrics and ribbons.


Flower arrangements with fruit slices


Such compositions and look great and are very simple.  You will need two vases, one slightly smaller in diameter than the other. Slices of orange, lemon or lime are placed along the inner walls of the large vase. Put flowers with water in a vase smaller vase, then put smaller vase in the larger.




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