How to choose the color schemes

How to choose the color schemes

We have prepared the tips how to choose the perfect colors for your interior.

The carpet is a “base” of any room. Transfer the colors and patterns from the carpet to the other details of the interior and create a cohesive design.
Tips: Add volume and dimensionality with different textures (for example, chairs ).

Pictures give a room personality. Using the picture as an example of the color scheme – you will be able to expand its scope to the entire room.
Tips: If you decide to paint the walls the same color, which is the principal in the picture, choose a bright frame and use a paint that is different in several colors – so the picture will stand out.

Use your favorite color. You will like the room, if you choose your favorite color for her.
Tips: Balance the bright colors with neutral, add bright accents in rooms.

Adhere to the classic color combinations. White and black, yellow and black, purple and green in the interior – you can not go wrong by using the classic color combinations. A bedroom in shades of white with yellow and blue accents is proof.
Tips: Decorate with a classic color combinations with a bold details.

If you have a nice drapes, start to build a color scheme of the room with the drapes. Take a few colors from the drapes pattern and move them on textiles, upholstery, walls and floor.
Tips: Try to include the primary colors in the  decorative pillows patterns.

Themed interior design and decor are often based on properly chosen color scheme. For example, Mediterranean living room decor is made through the use of colors: white, blue, and beige.
Tips: Play around with shades – blue can be supported a dark blue, turquoise or  purple.

Bring your favorite cloth prints in the room. This may be a cell, strip or floral pattern. Who would have thought that the cell  is so beautiful and will look at the decorative pillows?
Tips: When you’re shopping for a future project, take the thing from which select a pattern, so you can never go wrong.

Create an atmosphere of comfort, peace of mind … For example, relaxing white and pale blue tones give a calm atmosphere in  this elegant bedroom.

The color palette of this room was a derivative of a chair fabric pattern.
Tips: If you have the furniture in the room such a bold color or pattern, as a chair, choose neutral colors in other decor elements.

Wallpaper is one of the most common method of finishing walls. Elegant green pattern on the wallpaper  are combined with other patterns in this room.
Tips: If the wallpaper is very bright, glue them on the one wall only. Other walls are  more peaceful color.