Holiday Decor: Christmas stockings

Holiday Decor: Christmas stockings

Knit christmas stockings
Surprise your loved ones gifts in Christmas morning.
You can easily to knit a pair of socks. If you know how to knit in a circle, then you already know everything you need to get started. Knitted stockings can be decorated with “Norwegian” patterns with reindeer, Christmas tree and snowflakes.

Felt stockings
You can easily make these festive felt stockings. They are ideal for decorating your home. Also felt stockings can be a gift to friends.

Knit mittens
It is also convenient to store candy in warm knitted mittens, as in Christmas stockings. Attach the mittens to the kids beds to Santa was able to fill them small gifts.

Christmas  stockings decorated   ribbons
Hang colorful stockings for gifts next to the fireplace or a baby bed. To decorate these felted stockings you can use ribbons and flowers. You can place flowers on the stockings, or some flowers to put inside.

Christmas stockings
You can decorate a simple stocking  with felt Christmas tree.

Stockings with Bells
You can make an original pattern with the holes on these felt stockings.

Children’s Christmas stockings
Offer kids  to count  backwards to find out   how many days until Christmas. Amazing Christmas  calendar from the stockings filled with gifts is a great way to explain the seasons of the baby. A collection of  Christmas stockings with bright festive colors look amazing on the ribbon next to the bed or railing.

Christmas stockings
Sweaters with unusual pockets, collar and buttons can become a great stockings.

Christmas stockings from the blanket
You can use an old blanket for a large Christmas stockings.

Christmas stockings from the carpet
Christmas stockings can be made from the remnants of bilateral carpet of bright color with drawings that were popular in the late XIX century. These rugs are reminiscent of a tapestry and the Victorian era. They are made of thick, textured fabric, which is perfect for stockings.

Stockings with pine cones
Decorate  felt stockings with pine cones, made with his own hands or purchased in a store.

Stockings of the handkerchief
For the manufacture of stockings, used handkerchiefs with monograms and various patterns.

Stockings on Christmas wreath
Attach these  holiday stockings for Christmas wreaths.

Christmas stockings with snowflakes
These stockings are decorated with snowflakes. White cuffs stockings made from kitchen towels, one with a serrated edge, the other – with lace.