Harmony and home comfort

Harmony and home comfort
Harmony and home comfort

To create a cozy home, you can use the services of a professional designer, or you can try to do it yourself. Enough to know a few simple rules.


An elegant chandelier

Elegant chandelier can be supplemented with lamp shades, matched to the basic shades of the interior.


With the help of wallpaper with a beautiful pattern you can distinguish the sleeping area. This method not only decorates the bedroom interior, but also allows you to save the budget, using a mattress on legs instead of expensive base with headboard.


Coffee table

Serving bed tray with legs is an indispensable item for the bedroom, especially on weekends or holidays.


Elegant furniture

Harmony and home comfort

Chest of drawers and a bedside table in a Provencal style made by special technology and look like antiques.


Cover for chair

Harmony and home comfort

Ordinary chair can be transformed into an elegant chair using a soft textile cover.


Curtains for the bedroom

Harmony and home comfort

Lined curtains will give a spectacular view and surround. It dims the lights in the bedroom and extends the life of curtains. Lining can be self-colored or patterned. You can pick up a bright lining to the dark curtains or lining color may be repeated in a wallpaper pattern, bedspreads or furniture.

Comfortable bedrooms with vintage elements

Provence interior design bedroom

There are two options for the bedroom design: in the first version, the bedroom is emotionally faceless, as it was the zero point from which the new day begins. It simply serves as a background for emotional unloading.