Garden furniture

Garden furniture

Comparative characteristics of materials for garden furniture on such key parameters as: durability, ease of use and maintenance, resistance to damage.

Wooden garden furniture

Durability of wooden garden furniture depends on the properties of wood: the better the mechanical characteristics of the breed, the longer it will serve. Solid rock that is often used in the creation of furniture for the garden includes teak, zebrawood, American white oak and larch.

Resistance to damage depends on the wooden furniture design.

Rollaway wooden furniture has one major drawback – the weak connecting nodes.

All wood furniture is heavy.

Garden furniture

Rattan garden furniture

Traditional natural materials for wicker furniture are rattan. Rattan has several advantages that will eventually positively affect the appearance of the furniture: rattan is more flexible, has no knots, rattan stems with the same diameter throughout the length.

Any wicker furniture becomes shabby appearance from extreme daily temperatures, frequent changes of cool wet and dry sunny days.

Do not leave the wicker furniture in the open air.

Garden furniture

Synthetic rattan furniture

Artificial rattan is a synthetic fiber. It consists of rubber and special additives. This material is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and can withstand extremes of temperature and does not burn in the sun.  Artificial rattan are more resistant to fluctuations in weather can easily withstand heat and frost.

Maintenance: synthetic rattan furniture can be washed right out of the hose without fear of damage. However, it should be protected from fire and cigarettes, which can melt the cord and spoil the appearance of the product.

Garden furniture

Metal garden furniture

Metal furniture is a leader in durability, vandal resistant and easy care. Metal furniture is made, usually ​​of aluminum or steel.  Seats and backs of the chairs are made of cloth, metal, artificial rattan, plastic. Metal can be painted in different shades.

However, metal furniture has some features that should be considered when using: the furniture is heavy and usually does not add up.

Garden furniture

Plastic garden furniture

Durability: plastic is quite brittle material: scratch and ultraviolet.

An infinite number of colors, ease of use and maintenance are positive qualities of this material.

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