Funny furniture: Hanging chairs

Funny furniture: Hanging chairs

If you want to drastically change something in your house, add an element of fun and unpredictable – buy a hanging chair!  Easily swayed, you can read a book, knit or listen to music.
1. You can use a sheepskin to cushion a нanging chair

2. You can hang a couch on the porch.

3. Syurrializm in the interior … and why not?

4. These “chairs of the future” will look  in the high-tech interior

5.  In the far corner of the living room you can hang round chair for those who like solitude

6. Hanging chair perfectly suits the  curves and straight lines in the interior.

7. This chair is almost vertical hammock!

8. Hanging bench for a home

9. Hanging bench for the apartment:

10. This hanging chair replace your crib in the nursery

Pouf design ideas

Pouf design ideas

Pouf is a furniture design trend in the contemporary interior, which offers us rest and well-being. This furniture is both practical and decorative. Today, designer’s ideas are not only limited to traditional forms. Pouf design is already square, round, oval, pear and bag. Pouf design can be giant or small.

Retro chic: Wicker furniture swingrest hanging lounger

Wicker furniture swingrest hanging lounger

Wicker furniture for relaxation never loses its relevance. Dedon is known German manufacturer of luxury outdoor furniture. He created a new masterpiece – hanging lounger Swingrest. Swingrest basis is a wicker basket and a mattress. Due to the shape of the nest, chaise Dedon Swingrest blends into the surrounding landscape.

Fancy designer armchairs

Fancy designer armchairs

Armchairs are an integral part of the interior design. Person spends a lot of time staying at home: reading books, watching TV, drinking coffee, etc. Therefore, an armchair should be not only convenient, but also be a decoration in the room.