Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers
Fresh flowers

Flowers are a simple and affordable way to give a room a spring mood, uniqueness and freshness. Fresh flowers have the amazing ability to quickly harmonize the space. The house, decorated with flower bouquets, filled with life, color and fragrance. We propose to experiment with the colors of your flowers. Here are a few ideas.


Pink flowers

Pink bouquets are ideal for kids rooms. Pink flowers help to create a very soft, quiet atmosphere, evoke romance and tenderness. The pink flowers are combined with two or three types of green – with herbs, leaves or sprigs of ivy. Ceramic or glass vases accentuate pink and green scheme.


Colorful bouquets

If you like colorful bouquets that combine a variety of different colors, you can use one type of flower and its entire color range. You get a very stylish and quite restrained bouquet.

You can combine different flowers of various colors – these bouquets will go with any decor, and their self-will and spontaneity creates amazing light and cheerful mood. Wood vases, wicker and glass vases in neutral colors are best suited for colorful bouquets.


Red flowers

Red can be described as a hot, sensual and energy-rich color. The red bouquets bring confidence and reliability in the home. Clear glass vase or white vases are preferred for red flowers. They neutralize the excessive intensity of the red color.



White flowers inspire peace and tranquility. White flowers combined with the green plants. Avoid white vases or your white bouquet can be “out of focus”. Use wood vase, wicker or clear glass.

How to use the old bike?

How to use the old bike

Transform the old and unnecessary in useful and interesting is a very exciting process. Many people prefer to give things a new life and not throw it away. The first and easier option to convert the old thing: you can decorate them, to give a new image.