Eco bathroom design

Eco bathroom design
Eco bathroom design

The main task of Eco bathroom design is  to give a sense of oneness with nature. This is an attempt to restore the natural harmonious environment in a interior. Here are a few ways to accomplish this design task.

Natural materials

The eco bathroom design has only one rule: use harmless and natural materials. However, it is important to remember that we do not imitate nature, but only create a feeling.

You should think through exactly where to apply  natural wood or ceramics. Natural materials can be quite time-consuming to use, especially for such functional areas as the bathroom.  Modern eco bathroom design combines natural materials and innovative shapes, so furnishings made from natural materials have become a accent. This may be a sink of natural stone or wicker laundry basket.

Texture and color in the bathroom design

Eco bathroom design

Use a matte porcelain tiles, rough man-made stone and wood with special treatment for the walls in the eco bathroom design.

Eco bathroom design has a certain range of colors: shades of brown, gray, pale yellow, ivory, sand. Additional colors may be a continuation of the same neutral palette, but in the more saturated or muted tones. You can add a supplement green, ocher, caramel, coffee.

Accessories in the bathroom design

Eco bathroom design

When you choose bathroom accessories should not be confused eco style in the interior with other styles that use natural materials (Country, Provence or marine style). They are often overwhelmed by the accessories as opposed to eco style, in which each object must be not only decorative, but also useful in terms of its use.

Eco-Friendly Bathroom Designs

Eco bathroom design

Apply this concept to design a modern bathroom. Especially since the introduction of such ideas is not extremely difficult or expensive task.

There are many simple things you can even do yourself that will increase the efficiency of your bathroom.  For instance, faucets and shower heads that utilize aerators use about half as much water flow but with nearly twice the power as standard fixtures.  Also, in the water-saving fixtures category, you can have a low-flow toilet installed which will also use about 50% as much water as their regular flow counterparts.

You will get not just the bathroom, made in the eco style, and really a unique concept where design and functionality are in harmony.

Best ideas of bathroom storage

bathroom storage

Our apartments seem to be dwarfing always. Unfortunately, this rather sad observation is valid for all the rooms, including that intended for daily body hygiene. We are about to explore a collection of clever ideas for bathroom storage.