Eclectic kitchen design ideas

Eclectic kitchen design ideas
Eclectic kitchen design ideas

The modern kitchen design is a prerequisite for use in the design of mixed styles. Today, the kitchen is the energy center of the home, which is rapidly expanding its borders, becoming a multi-functional room. It is not just a room for cooking, hidden from the eyes of the guests. The kitchen is a guest area, where you can carry on a conversation in parallel with the preparation of food. Of course, such a kitchen cannot be impersonal; it should reflect the preferences of the homeowner.

Eclecticism is the “right” mix of styles, which gives a bright emotional effect. Eclecticism is the interior style, if it combines more than two or three stylistic types incorporated color, texture, architectural decision.  Eclectic style is dialogue of several different cultures.


Eclectic kitchen design ideas







Open kitchen and living room ideas

Open kitchen and living room

The kitchen is now a living room. It is more and more convivial, functional and trendy so that you can cook without leaving your guests. Obviously, it is a matter of lifestyle.

Kitchen cement tiles

Kitchen cement tiles

The cement tile has become an essential part of the design world. And, decorating a kitchen with cement tiles is no longer a dream but a reality. These tiles are particularly appreciated for the diversity of joyful patterns. Also it is a versatile decorative element, allowing to personalize every corner of the house or the apartment.

Backsplash ideas for your kitchen

Backsplash ideas

There is an extremely important element that must be taken seriously when we are now building a luxurious kitchen: backsplash! Modern, original, chic, classic or glamorous, kitchen backsplash must be in accordance with the storage cabinets, work plan, painting the walls and interior decoration.